Orbit Reader 20

Orbit Reader 20
Orbit Reader 20

Orbit Reader 20 is the most advanced Braille display in the world.
It is a unique 3-in-1 device that acts as a standalone book reader, a note-writer and a braille display by connecting to a computer or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth.
Orbit Reader 20 equipped with a 20-cell braille display incorporates modern Braille cell technology Developed by Orbit Research, this technology uses high-quality capabilities at affordable prices, enabling the largest number of blind people to use Braille displays.
you can yuse orbit reader as a standalone device via SD Card to read files in BRF, BRL, and it can convert TXT files to Braille automatically without the need to use a computer or smartphone.
Orbit Reader provides all basic file creation and editing functions; the user can create new files and save them to SD card and edit existing files.
Orbit Reader also includes file management features, allowing the user to rename, delete, copy and create folders and files.
The orbit reader is used as a braille display; orbit reader connects to PC, MAC, IOS, and ANDROID provides Bluetooth, USB connectivity and can simultaneously connect to multiple devices, using a screen reader on a PC or smartphone, such as voiceover, Brailleback, jaws. Control the functionality of your computer or smartphone, use its favorite apps, read and send text messages, email and surf the web.
Orbit reader is easy to use individually, and it enables the user to connect to a computer or smart phone via Bluetooth or USB.
Although it offers a range of features, the Orbit Reader 20 is extremely easy to use and allows for smooth and instant switching between different usage modes.
The device is very small, with a height of just over one inch and about 6 inches by 4 inches and weighs less than half a kilogram. It includes a high-quality Perkins keyboard with 8 keys and a space bar. It also has 4 arrow keys and a select button, as well as line-scrolling keys on either side of the braille display to move between lines up and down.
On the back of the device to the left is an SD card slot, a USB Micro B socket and a power button. The device is powered by a user-replaceable rechargeable lithium battery which is recharged through the USB port
Why orbit reader?
Orbit reader 20 can be used as a sophisticated perkins machine; it enables the blind person, whether a child or a university student, to interact with the teacher, write lessons and lectures independently, and export them to the computer or e-mail easily, making it easier to integrate the blind into the educational system.
The device is multilingual and works efficiently in Arabic and English, and enables the user to read and write using contractions and without contractions.
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